Why Work for CritiCare?

CritiCare is a small home health agency providing nursing and home health aide services to individuals ranging from simple care to serious and complex, for both pediatric and adult patients who require specialized care at home. While our work is challenging, it is also very rewarding. Whether you are just starting your career or have years of experience, there are many reasons to consider CritiCare for your next position.

Flexible Scheduling

Take control of when and where you work with our flexible scheduling. You tell us when you're available and we'll work with you to find shifts that fit just right. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to choose the work environments that suit you best!

Consistent Scheduling

Once you sign up for a shift, it's yours for as long as you want it. That means you'll have the opportunity to form relationships with your patients and their families, while bringing home a regular paycheck.

Minimal Requirements For Weekends And Holidays

Our weekend and holiday scheduling is very flexible. We only require two weekend shifts per month (either Saturday or Sunday) and minimal holidays.

Above Average Salary / Shift Differential

We offer above average pay for both LPNs and RNs and provide differential pay for night and weekend shifts. Employees who work on high-tech ventilator cases also receive higher pay rates. Overtime hours are also available.

We Accept & Train New Graduates

Are you a graduate nurse or graduate tactical nurse looking for your first position? We love helping new graduates get started! Our 7-week comprehensive training will reinforce the training you received in class and get you working with patients right away.

Strong Clinical Management Support

You're never alone with CritiCare's management support team to back you up. We're always available to answer questions and give you the support you need to do your best work.

Training Opportunities

All CritiCare employees are eligible to participate in our free CPR training to further their skills. We also provide a 100-hour ventilator training course to prepare you to work with high-tech ventilator patients. In addition, we offer ongoing training so you can continue to increase your clinical skills.

Rewards Program

Put your best foot forward and earn points towards a variety of items available from our merchandise catalog. It's just one more way we thank our employees for superb work and valuable contributions to our team.

What Our Employees Say...

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I have worked in long term care facilities for 20 years. I began working with CritiCare as an LPN in 2014. I took the opportunity that was offered and have never been happier. CritiCare is accommodating, flexible and understanding. Everyone works as a team and the professional and friendly office staff is always there, day or night, for effective communication and support.

They have worked around my clinical and class schedule as I go on to earn my RN. They understand and support family commitments and also ensure I have enough work when I am available. All their nurses meet the clients, and their families, and are given adequate training before starting a case. I have furthered my clinical skills as I have been trained to care for several different clients with various needs.

It is comforting to know I work for a company that is professional, dependable and competent. CritiCare appreciates their employees and I look forward to working with this agency as an RN.

- Jennifer Hottenstein-Washington LPN
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Starting out as a new graduate nurse with CritiCare has been an amazing experience. From the very beginning they focused on progressing my knowledge from what I’ve already obtained in nursing school. Everyone on the team was very involved with my learning and preparation to start working in the field independently and I’ve never once felt alone when working in the field. I’ve had the opportunity to go through their ventilator program where I was given 120 hours of training in the field with a trach/vent patient along with in classroom training where I was signed off by a respiratory therapist. I’m very grateful for having this job as a new nurse. My confidence and knowledge has been on an uphill rise since the very beginning and I feel like a stronger more independent nurse thanks to all the support from everyone at CritiCare.

- Chelsea Rambo LPN
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For 10 years I worked under stress in a dementia unit as a CNA first then working up to charge nurse. I know nursing is my passion, but I was burning out. Trying to give my all to more than 50 residents in an 8 hour shift. I took a leap of faith in 2016 joining the CritiCare team. Nervous, not knowing what to expect, the staff took me under their wing. They guided me with my transition every step of the way. Through Hands-On clinical opportunities, educational meetings, and one-on-one training, they prepared me to be confident in my new journey. To be able to give one-on-one care that allows the person with special needs to stay at home is what home health nursing means to me. CritiCare offers flexible schedules so I'm home more with my kids, better pay, and a nursing team that upholds professionalism. I feel now, more than ever, I have a more meaningful role as a nurse in our community and in the lives of the people I take care of. Thank you CritiCare.

- Chaka Smith LPN
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I have been an employee with CritiCare for over 11 yrs . CritiCare is an awesome agency to work for! Their team of nurses are wonderful!! Orientation, quality of care and continuity of care matter. If you have a problem, concern or need talk about an issue someone is always available.

- Traci L. Stevenson LPN

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