Privacy Policy

It is the policy of CritiCare to comply with Federal and Pennsylvania laws and regulations protecting the confidentiality of a Patient’s (the “Individual”) protected health information (“PHI”). CritiCare will not use or disclose PHI except as permitted or required by applicable law and regulation.

CritiCare has a designated Privacy Officer who shall be responsible for development, implementation, oversight and maintenance of the policies and procedures of CritiCare regarding PHI. The Privacy Officer or the designee of the Privacy Officer shall be responsible for receiving complaints and for providing addition information about the Notice of Privacy Practices.

All CritiCare staff will be trained regarding privacy and security policies and procedures with respect to PHI, as necessary and appropriate to carry out their duties and responsibilities. Training shall include but not be limited to policies pertaining to the use and disclosure and access to PHI.

A complete copy of CritiCare Policies regarding HIPAA and privacy are available in our office.

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